Add Value To Your Home With New Windows

Dated: 10/20/2017

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Adds value to your home.” It’s a phrase often touted by home improvement articles and services in regard to this or that home improvement project. Whether it be redoing the bathroom sink or installing new kitchen appliances, everyone has their opinions about what home improvement projects will pay off the most when it comes time to sell. And it’s a worthwhile question to consider.

After all, a good home improvement project should manage to not only improve your subjective experience of living in the home your in, but should also improve your chances of selling the home in Dallas quickly and for a good price when that time comes. So, what about windows? It may not be the most exciting home improvement, it may not be new kitchen counters or a backyard porch, but surprising, replacing the windows in your home may be one of the best when it comes to return on investment in the Dallas real estate market. Let’s take a look at how.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

It turns out that there is data out there on roughly how much it pays off to add new windows to your home, in terms of returns on investments and added value.

Let’s compare it to another common home improvement project for some context. Studies show that adding an in ground pool to the tune of $30,000 to $50,000 will generally garner a less than 50% return on that investment. While that may not be a wise investment, one also has to consider the trade off of a costly improvement versus quality of life. For some, it might be worth the expenditure depending on the level of enjoyment of a particular upgrade, such as a pool. That may be an easy analogy to digest, but comparing a pool upgrade to, say, window replacement or siding doesn’t seem as glamorous. So letʼs break it down a little bit.

Studies show that replacing windows and siding can give you up to a whopping 89% return on your investment. These items top almost every list for home improvement options for increasing property value. They are also some of the least expensive improvements that add curb appeal and value to our home. If by replacing the windows in your home at a cost of $8500 increases the property value by 85%, then your new windows essentially cost less than $1000.

Why Windows Win

The broad reason why adding new windows to your home is one of the best home improvement projects you can do to add value is that it is usually the projects that are the least tailored to specific tastes and most broadly appreciate able that give the highest return on investment. 

New windows, in other words, aren’t particularly exciting, but they’re a dependable investment. Windows are a functional update that are not so noticeable visually, but are much appreciated for improving energy efficiency which in turns adds significant value when it comes time to sell. Energy efficiency is a hot attractor in the housing market these days due to increasing energy costs and energy usage. 

One of the key reasons that replacement windows add so much value to a home is because of their energy efficiency benefits and this mostly comes from the added insulation. It turns out that having two panes of glass mean they do a much better job at insulating your home. Since less air passes through them, the cool air from your AC in the summer stays inside, while the warm air from your furnace in the winter does the same, all of which results in lowering your HVAC bills, often significantly.

On average, a house may lose around 30% of its heating energy through its windows. Often, the heat that is circulating through a home can be lost through poor insulation and older, degraded windows and doors. Modern replacement windows are insulated and have specific energy ratings, so the homeowner knows just how much insulation to expect out of their investment. The energy star ratings take into account the window frame, panes of glass, and their ability to resist air leakage and prevent heat loss. When you buy energy efficient replacement windows, you immediately save money because the energy savings alone make your home more valuable.

Another big benefit is mold and moisture reduction. For windows that don’t have decent insulation, the constant humid weather we sometimes experience in Dallas means that the increased moisture level from outdoors can seep indoors as well, leading to the growth of mold on the drywall and other areas near the window, damaging your home and even causing some health concerns for you and your family. Double-pane windows, however, act as a barrier to mold-growing moisture.

So, when it comes down to it, replacing old single pane aluminum windows with good quality (not China made) double pane vinyl windows is an instant equity investment. This is both from a dollars standpoint and also from an energy efficiency standpoint. Additionally it will had a much cleaner updated look to most any home. 

New Window Value and Your Dallas Realtor

There’s no other way to say it, installing new windows in your home is easily one of the most surefire ways to add value and get a significant return on investment. It’s a safe move for anyone, especially those with older windows or single pane windows that are severely out dated and lacking compared to new windows. 

New windows or not, if you’re planning on entering the Dallas housing market anytime soon, you can’t do yourself any bigger favor than teaming up with a seasoned Dallas real estate agent. The help of a realtor in Dallas, when trying to sell a home amongst the stiff competition of homes for sale in Dallas, is too valuable to do without. Contact us today at Live and Love Your Home to learn more!

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