3 Overlookable Reasons Why Your Home Isnt Selling

Dated: 02/04/2018

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Big questions deserve big answers. And what bigger question could someone trying to sell in the Dallas housing market have other than this: “Why isn’t my home selling?” Unfortunately, the big answer to this question is, of course, it depends. But just because the answer to this ultimate question depends on a multitude of factors doesn’t mean there aren’t some answer that are more likely than others.

It’s possible you may already have an inkling of an idea of why your home is taking longer to sell than you anticipated. But for many of you, there’s a chance you’ve found yourself in one of those situations where the forest is hard to see through the trees. You see, the problems with troubleshooting a problem like this is that homeowners trying to sell often have so much on their minds and so much emotion wrapped up in the endeavor, it can be easy to miss some of the more likely answers to this question. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at three of the biggest, most easy to miss reasons why your home for sale in Dallas isn’t selling.

It’s Them (Your Agent), Not You (Or Your House)

It can be all too easy to get into a foolproof state of mind when you’re preparing to sell your house. What I mean by that is that if you home is something you cherish, and spend quality time and care doing it up to look it’s best, and you get the most beautiful pictures of it taken for the listings, you might find yourself in a frame of mind where you think anyone could sell this house because it will practically sell itself. 

The problem with this line of thinking is that no matter how perfect how is and no matter how perfect the market is, it still is going to often times come down to the efforts, knowledge, and skill of the person who’s tasked with selling it. 

When people new to real estate don’t know this, they sometimes will skimp on what is perhaps the most important part of selling a home, hiring an agent. The real estate business is easy to get in and out of. Everyone knows a friend or family member who has their license, but are they the most qualified to get top dollar for your home? Hiring the wrong agent can cost you thousands. When that much money is on the line, you owe it to yourself to hire someone who can get the most money for you as possible. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your house at all: It’s priced right and is well-maintained. But your agent could be turning people off. You need a Dallas real estate agent who knows the city, knows the market, and knows what it takes to sell in it.

The Details are Off

Sometimes, the devil really is in the details. In the case of home selling in Dallas, the devil refers to that awful feeling of showing your home for the umpteenth time only to hear once again those disappointing words, “we’re not sure, but we’ll think about it.” 

Maybe everything is perfect on paper. The neighborhood is to die for, the square footage is right in range with what buyers are looking for, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms are perfect, the backyard is large and green, but something is still driving people away. Or maybe multiple things.

It can be a bitter pill to swallow to pay for home improvements that you may not enjoy for long. But if you want to sell for full asking price, you might need to get your house in a condition that warrants it and not base this number only on price per square foot. The thing is, modern buyers want the most bang for their buck, and sometimes, even in irrational ways, the details can really make or break a first impression. 

Some examples of such details could include things like a pull-down gooseneck faucet, an upgraded ceiling fan, a double-bar towel rack, or upgraded door handles. They sound simple, but a few small changes can make a big impact. There is no need to go crazy with renovations. The reality is that a lot of serious renovations do not pay out in the end. What you need to do is talk to your Dallas realtor about what needs to be polished.

You may need professional cleaners, a junk haul off, to move some stuff into storage or just a fresh coat of paint. You should also have someone do a sniff test for you as well. Foul odors are a major home selling mistake. At times we all get used to the natural odor in our homes. 

Too Few People Even Get a Look

This may seem like a simple one but like the title states, these are reasons that are easy to overlook. Sometimes what it really comes down to is that there just aren’t enough eyes on your home. The reality is that chances are the first person to view your home is probably not going to be the one to buy it. It takes time to sell a home and by time I mean lots of potential buyers. 

Making sure the house is clean and having to leave on a daily basis for buyers to tour the home may get a little overwhelming, but it is crucial to have open availability to have your home shown. You could end up missing out on the perfect buyer if you decline too many showings. The longer it sits on the market, the less value buyers will see in it. Talk with your agent about having a 24 hour notice period if the extra time is needed, but make sure your home is available to be shown as often as possible.

Get Your House Selling Faster with the Right Dallas Realtor 

All in all, whether you’re currently in the middle of a frustrating house selling dry spell or not, the best thing you can do when it comes to navigating the Dallas real estate market is to team up with a qualified and professional Dallas real estate agent. From making your home stand out to troubleshooting reasons why your home might be turning buyers away, there’s no better resource out there than an experienced Dallas realtor. That’s why if you want to make your home selling or buying experience in Dallas as smooth and painless as possible, contact us at Live and Love Your Home!

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